What Are The Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services

Have you ever notice how carpet cleaners can successfully clean so many different types of carpet? That's because there are actually several types of carpet cleaners available.

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Host cleaning

After the carpet is vacuumed, a wet absorbent mixture is sprinkled over it. The mixture is then stirred with a special cleaning machine that helps remove dirt and stains that stick to the carpet. It doesn't make the carpet wet (which is great), but it's also less effective than some of the other types of cleaners used because it only removes dirt from the surface of the carpet.

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Encapsulated carpet cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning is best for carpets with low buckets. The carpet is treated with a solution and then a special machine is used to work the solution into the carpet fibers. When absorbed, it traps impurities that accumulate in the crystals that form. 

Clean the lid

Cleaning liquid is sprayed onto the carpet to loosen the dirt on the carpet. The buffing machine then moves slowly across the carpet and sucks up the liquid, leaving the dirt behind. 

Cleaning with hot water suction

This type of cleaning is most recommended by carpet manufacturers. The carpet has been pre-treated with a special solution that dissolves the dirt on the carpet.  A machine used to remove dirty water and steam from the carpet so it doesn't get soaked.