What is A Soft Shutter Release Button?

A soft shutter release button is a photography camera accessory. It is typically a small disc with a tapered screw on the bottom. The screw matches the standard for cable releases, enabling the button to be screwed into any camera with a threaded shutter release button. Soft shutter release buttons are a popular accessory for rangefinder-style cameras.

Soft shutter buttons are usually made out of metal or plastic, with deluxe models featuring wood, leather, or stone inserts. Some websites like https://gariz.com.au/ even offer camera shutter buttons in sticker and screw variants to suit most major camera brands including Sony, Fuji, Olympus Nikon, Canon, Leica, and more.

The shape of the button can be flat, convex, or concave to match different user preferences. Soft shutter buttons are as much a fashion statement as they are a practical accessory. Often, the buttons are color matched with accents on the camera or other accessories like hot shoe covers, straps, or cases.

By providing a larger, raised surface for your finger to press, the soft shutter release button gives you better control over the process of pressing the button. Some models come with a rubber O-ring that is installed beneath the button to improve stability and cushioning.

For most people, getting a soft shutter button is more of an aesthetic decision than anything else. And why not? It’s an easy way to add some character to your camera without doing any permanent changes. The buttons are cheap enough and easy to swap. You can buy a few in different colors and styles and make sure your camera always matches your shoes or bag.

Do bear in mind that these buttons do raise the overall look of your camera. As a result, the camera can more easily snag or catch in clothing or bag straps.