Get Best Lip Blush Training In Edmonton

Lip Blushing can be described as semi-permanent makeup. It is basically a cosmetic tattoo that enhances the beauty and shape of the natural lips. Both permanent lip liner or lip color can enhance the look of your lips, for both men and women. 

It makes lips look more defined and can restore color to lips that have lost their color. Permanent lip liner replaces the need to use pencils to define, fill in or reshape lips borders. You can go for cosmetic pigmentation training in Edmonton according to your needs.

The Ultimate Course covers everything you need about lip bling. This course will teach you how to make your lips look beautiful. We don’t require any previous experience, so no matter if you are a professional or novice in permanent makeup, we will provide all the support you need.

LipBlush, a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, enhances the natural color and shape of your lips. Lipblush defines your lips and draws them out. Lipblush gives your lips the appearance of being fuller but it is natural. Lipblush lasts for 2-3 years with only minor touch-ups.

You will be guided by our highly qualified staff through an informative session on permanent makeup. You will learn how to correctly administer permanent make-up. Our master artist teaches you how to create long-lasting kissable lips blush effects that clients love.

This course covers everything: pre-to-post treatment, consultation, machine, needle selection, color theory, hands movements, and common mistakes. It also includes outline and pigment application.