How to Be the Best Wardrobe Stylist In Manhattan

Wardrobe stylists understand not only the latest fashion and trends but also the body shape and personality of the consumer. Anyone who enjoys a passion for fashion design, clothing and people can become a top stylist, with the right training and attitude.

So you can provide the  services of wardrobe stylist in Manhattan by understanding the following points.

One of the most important aspects of this work order is an understanding of the different body types, whether you work primarily with men or women. Everyone is built differently and clothes differently according to different body types. The goal is to make a person feel good.

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From pear shapes to heart shapes and every body type in between, you need to know and understand how to distinguish the different shapes, and then figure out which clothes go with which shape.

 As a wardrobe stylist, it's important to remember that your customers want to come to you for advice, feel better, and look their best. Your job is to make sure this happens.

Get to know different styles and fashion trends. Your job is never finished because you keep up with the latest trends, see what celebrities are wearing this season, and find out what to expect in a clothing store.

From dresses to jeans and suits to casual wear, you should be fully aware of the variety of options available to ensure that you can help your customers remodel their wardrobes and have items they feel comfortable.

Finally, as a wardrobe stylist, you need to choose a place. This means you have to decide the type of person you want to work with and staff with them. That way, you can focus on studying fashion and trends from that place, be it women of all ages, celebrities or men.