How To Remove Possums From Your Property Humanly

Possums should generally be avoided or taken out of the house, especially if children or dogs come into contact with them. They are generally not offensive, but if they feel threatened, they can attack by biting and clawing. Possums in and around your home can also cause harm to roofs and ceilings, create unsanitary conditions, and spread diseases such as rabies. 

Common possums are protected in the states of the Australian continent, so they must be humanely prevented or removed by professionals so that they are not harmed. To get rid of opossums in a humane way, the only safe way is to contact an expert possum removal company in Sydney

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Even after being removed, possums have been known to struggle to stay away from our homes. Here are some common ways to humanely prevent them from returning.

Make The Scenery Less Attractive:

An easy way to get rid of possums on your property is to make the gardens and landscapes around your property less attractive so they don't want to hang out there. Possums is an expert in climbing and jumping and can move easily from tree to tree. So when tree branches touch your roof, you are a prime target for the opossum yard. Keep tree branches at least 10 feet from the roof. Keep grass trimmed and remove piles of old trees.

Eliminate Food Sources:

Nothing appeals to possums as a ready-to-eat food source that they don't have to hunt. If you remove this, you are not giving them a reason to return home regularly. Keep your trash bag tightly tied and the lid securely attached to the trash can or chain. Keep pet food away from cat lids and other easily accessible openings.