Natural Calorie-Free Drinks – Tea and Herbal Teas

It's hard to find natural, calorie-free drinks. Any type of teas and herbal teas offer a delightful alternative. This drink is made by infusing various parts of a plant, usually the leaves, into hot water. 

Herbal tea in NZ at are made from low-calorie plant parts and made by immersing the plants in hot water, they can extract the chemicals responsible for taste and aroma while adding zero or nearly zero calories.

There are herbal teas that almost all of them taste great, and there are herbal teas that can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Most of the herbal teas that are used as drinks are very healthy. Almost all herbal teas have antibacterial properties. 

Chamomile has a relaxing effect and also shows some potential for preventing or treating type 2 diabetes. Peppermint can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Rooibos, also known as South African red tea, has been shown to improve breathing for people with asthma or respiratory allergies. 

Hibiscus is just as effective in lowering blood pressure as some prescription drugs. These drinks not only contain zero calories, but many of them also have powerful health benefits. 

You can buy herbal teas that are pre-mixed in tea bags from the grocery store, but you can also buy herbs in bulk and mix your teas. You can grow herbs in your garden or indoors and use them to make your fresh herbal teas.