Recreating BTSs Outfits from Their Butter Album

By now, there’s barely a soul that hasn’t heard of BTS’s newest smash hit Butter. Released on May 21, the group’s second English single has disco-pop, dance-pop, and EDM influences. With its catchy beats and lyrics, it’s no surprise that the summer track has broken plenty of records on YouTube.

Although the members spend most of the Butter music video in slick suits from monochrome to multi-colored to black and yellow suits that pay homage to the butter theme I’m going to be focusing on BTS butter merch which is easy to draw inspiration from for daily and occasion wear.

In this first set of outfits, BTS sports green, yellow, orange, red, and blue tracksuits. They accessorize with layered gold-tone chains, large medallion necklaces, and colorful beaded necklaces for a hip-hop-inspired vibe. The members complete their get-ups with fun sneakers featuring color blocking and pattern mixing designs.

Compared to the vibrant activewear in the first set of group outfits, which can be worn comfortably at any time, BTS’s second set of group outfits boasts an androgynous avant-garde air that’s sure to turn heads. Entirely in black and white, they’re reminiscent of formal monochrome suits, but with more feminine and daring influences by mixing pearls, ruffles, leather, and mesh.

The members wear these ensembles in front of a completely white backdrop while spelling out the word “ARMY” with their bodies a shout-out to their adoring fans. We also get individual shots when they hang out in a vintage-looking home with striking yellow walls. Suga sips from a yellow cup, Jungkook enjoys popcorn on a yellow one-seater, and J-Hope closes the music video by doing the unthinkable – consuming a thick slab of butter.