Restoring Camping Equipment: Army Surplus Tents

Since World War II, governments have been stockpiling a lot of military equipment, the majority of which are tents for military use. This is the reason the government sometimes sells off excess military gear. 

Brand new and previously used tents are available to auction or for sale. Sometimes, distributors from third parties will purchase large quantities of tents and offer them as camping gear to consumers. The most requested product from these distributors is tents. Since you can't camp without an appropriate tent. If you want to buy military tents visit

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The surplus tents are usually superior to commercial camping equipment available on the market. One reason is that they were designed for the military, so you can be certain that the tents are not constructed of weak material. 

Start by taking a look at your ropes. The strength that the ropes have is vital to ensure that you don't risk the tent falling over the person inside. Examine for rots, molds, or mildew. These will weaken the ropes and lead to the ropes cracking if used in their current condition.

Ropes of this type are easy to clean. Simply soak into a cleaning solution that is made consisting of 8 parts bleach and 2 parts water. Then, the ropes dried in the sunlight.

Be aware that not all old and used equipment for camping is able to be repaired. Check out the item prior to deciding to purchase it. If you believe the parts aren't in good repair and you're not sure, then you might prefer to not purchase the item, regardless of what the cost might be.