Often times these classes are presented in conjunction with her multi-media show called “Marni Nixon: the Voice of Hollywood”.

Nixon’s master classes are a revelation! They are fun and informative, not only for the student (for whom it is designed), but for the auditors besides. She works, hands-on, with each individual singer in whatever repertoire is determined and moves them to a new place of expression, technique or awareness.

Usually, the current subject of much interest in colleges and Universities and repertory theater companies is the classically trained singer moving into Musical theater repertoire. The differences in styles of singing and perception. The need for thorough, specific and insightful acting. The role of the flexible and responsive body.

There are always topics open for discussion…repertoire, style, the audition processes, presentation, representation, etc. Each singer comes away with more insight and awareness of himself and his particular talent and growth process. It can be considered “a happening”. All auditors participants and the audience at large comes away invigorated and empowered.

Usually there is 15 or 20 minutes spent on each student with a description before and after the class and room for questions and answers of any sort. Sometimes we do class work on breathing, body, movement and mechanical work…the craft of singing, diction, style and tone.

Then there’s interpretive help and how to be involved in the text and make it come through the most diffficult vocal number….Audition preparation and emeanor and appearance…clasical and musical theater.

Miss Nixon works best with a one-on-one experiential process while other participants and auditors are looking on. Then there is explanation and clarification.