Things You Must Know About Raising Boer Goats

A Boer Goat is widely recognized as one of the few species of goat that produces the best meat in the world. This is a large goat that consistently produces high meat yields that provide a high carcass value compared to other types. The quality of the meat is also very high.

Boer goats are adaptable to various terrain and climate. It has a very high fertility rate which is a favorite among farmers. Combine all these factors with a tame nature and you have additional reasons why Boer is so popular. If you want to buy a healthy goat, then you can visit

If improving Boer Goats for profit is something you think you can do, there are a number of factors that you must consider.

You need to provide a suitable fenced area for your goat including shelter. It does not have to be too broad but must include areas where goats can be fed and get water and access to open areas to graze and exercise.

Hiring a good local veterinary service is also an important part of your production plan. Your main reason for raising Boer Goats is probably meat production so that a clean health bill for your animals and your operations is very important.

Good meat quality and quality of breed stock will benefit from good veterinary care. Regular exercise is very important for the production of healthy Boer goats. This improves the quality of meat and makes goats active and involved.