Tips For Choosing the Right Plus Size Costume

When trying to figure out what plus size costume you want to wear there are 5 things you should consider. We will now discuss 5 tips you need to make a perfect choice.

Tip 1

Choosing a costume that accents your best features. If you have a form of Betty Boo then wear a costume that accents your curves. You do not want attention to parts of your body that will embarrass you. You can buy plus size costumes for women through

Tip 2

Choose a costume that flatters fabric. The lightweight fabric will be the best choice to make your costume on. Fabrics should increase the number rather than point out shortcomings.

Disco Doll

Tip 3

Do not use brightly colored cloth. You want to use dark colors because they make you look slimmer. Some bright colors can make the body look bigger than they are.

Tip 4

You do not want to wear anything to lose either. You want to find something that is comfortable to wear. A tight leather mini skirt will not look so good, but the mini skirt will flow.

Tip 5

You may want to consider a costume with a robe or scarf. You can find yourself a hat or veil is not only attractive but can hide the area you are not comfortable with.