What Is The Food Handler Training Program?

Food handler training is required for employees working in foodservice establishments. This training is designed to teach students about the importance of food safety and how to prevent it from becoming a hazard. The training course can be offered in three formats: classroom, online, or in-person. 

The food handler training program is an initiative by the various health departments to improve employee health and the quality of the food that is served in restaurants. You can join the food handler program via https://safefoodtraininghub.globalfoodsafetyresource.com/ as It also helps increase customer satisfaction and reduces liability. 

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The program provides a range of courses for working professionals with responsibilities in food service so that they can learn about how to maintain a safe environment for all clients. The courses are taught during work hours, so it doesn't leave you vulnerable in any way. 

The Food Handler Training Program is a program that teaches safe practices for food service workers. It includes the basics of food safety, sanitation, equipment usage, and storage. The Food Handler Training Program requires you to go through three steps to become a certified food handler.  

In step one, you will be required to complete an online orientation course where you will receive information on how to identify and handle common food that can cause illness.  

In step two, you will be required to do a hands-on training class where you will learn how to prepare safe food at home for your family or for customers. The last step is a practical exam that has different components of the certification like sanitation and personal hygiene.