Can Valerian Root Help Relieve Flight Anxiety?

The air travel industry is now an additional mode of transportation that isn't different from the norm. Although most people have heard that you're more likely to die by driving around in your car each day than to be involved in the event of a plane crash, it is not helping those who suffer from severe anxiety about flying. 

The concept of flight anxiety can be difficult to identify and understand. It is due to the fact that nearly everyone who flies has a feeling of flight anxiety at an epoch during their flight.

To address this issue each person has their individual method. For some, they opt for the ostrich strategy, which is to put their heads into the ground and ignore the issue. Some use alcohol or prescription medications.

Anotheroption, which is much more beneficial is to use natural supplements. One of the most effective for anxiety caused by flight can be Valerian Root. The root has been used since the beginning of time as a natural source of relief from anxiety. 

If the person suffering from anxiety consumes 150-450 mg of Valerian root prior to the flight, they can expect to have an experience that is much more relaxing on the plane.