All About The Parents Rights Lawyer

The majority of Dependency cases start with a call to Child Protection Investigation. The calls made to the hotline for children's abuse are private, and it's possible that the parent will not know the exact number of who called. It could be from a different police department, an acquaintance, or even an educator.

Most child abuse complaints are valid and well-substantiated. However, some are devious and fraudulent. Whatever the case an investigation into child abuse is something that must be treated with seriousness and you should consult an attorney who has expertise in dependency. You can also get more information about parents' rights lawyers in Largo via

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An attorney who has experience in child removal and dependency will be able to address certain questions right away and might even be able to stop the child's expulsion. Certain parents can be assisted swiftly and at cost.

The removal of children, Child Protective Services, and Shelter Hearings

Dependency law, codified in Florida Statutes Chapter 39, is the law in force that is activated whenever Child Protective Services make allegations that children or children are at risk of being neglected, or abused.

Make sure that your Case Plan is Fair

Child protection and case managers investigators frequently view the recommendations from the case plan as a laundry list and suggest tasks that aren't essential, expensive or are simply not the purpose.

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