Indian Cuisine – The Delicacy Of The World

India is the ideal place for delicious and appetizing cuisine. From north to south, it offers a wide variety of dishes influenced by different breeds and at different times. Whether pure Mughlai dishes, exclusive Rajasthani cuisine, Bengali delicacies or delicacies from southern Idli, dosa bada; India presents in every part of the country something new, different and fresh.

There are many restaurants all over the world that provide Indian dishes. If you want to taste delicious Indian food with different varieties then you can check out this source: # 1 Indian Restaurant In Richardson, TX, Masala Twist. Let us now have a look on the cuisines that are famous in different parts of India and are served in the restaurants.

In the northern part of India, delicious Punjabi cuisine, Sarso da saag and Makki ki roti, is one of India's most famous delicacies. In Jammu and Kashmir, various types of meat preparations, Mughlai specialties in Delhi and Agra are an important part of Indian cuisine.

Lucknow's biriyani and pure vegetarian dishes like Rajasthan's dal bati or Gujarat dhokla make Indian cuisine one of the most fabulous dishes in the world. In the south of the country, vegetarian products based on carbohydrates predominate.

Vada, dosa, upma are some famous dishes from the south of the country. However, in Kerala, fish is the main food and the culture in Hyderabad is totally different. Hyderabadi biriyani and lachha paratha have created a niche in the hearts of gourmands around the world.

As India is a very famous place for foreign tourists with its many offers, many people are planning a gourmet tour of India to explore the cuisines.