Origins of Little League Baseball And Its Worldwide Popularity

Little League Baseball was founded in 1939 by Carl Stotz. A resident of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Stotz started out with a dream of forming a baseball league for boys to teach them about fair play and teamwork. It has evolved to become the largest organized youth sports association in the world.

What started out as an experiment with field dimensions and informal games between Stotz's nephews and their neighborhood friends became the first league in Williamsport consisting of three teams. Each team was sponsored by different business and their first League game was played on June 6, 1939. To get more information about major league baseball live scores you may check here.

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By 1946 Little League expanded to 12 leagues all in Pennsylvania until Hammonton, New Jersey added its own league in 1947. Little League got a lot of attention from the press during 1949 when the Saturday Evening Post did a feature story on them and requests to form leagues at the local level throughout the United States began to escalate.

Little League started out being for boys only and remained that way from 1951 through 1974. In 1950 Kathryn Johnston disguised her gender by concealing her hair under her hat so she could play baseball. She was nicknamed "Tubby" and posed as a boy when she joined the Kings Dairy Little League.

Although her coach eventually found out she was a girl, he let her play because she was a good player. When she turned 13 she was forced to stop playing in Little League.

Afterward, the Tubby Rule was established prohibiting girls from playing in Little League. In 1974 the National Organization for Women filed a lawsuit challenging the ruling and won. It resulted in allowing girls to participate in the baseball program.