5 Steps to Rapid Mobile App Creation

If you have ever considered creating a mobile application, you know that there is a lot of work in application preparation, research, and development. At first, this can be very tiring, and especially if you don't have a lot of technical background.

1) Find a Good Web Developer

Notice I say "web", and not "native application". You can build hybrid mobile applications using web technology, which means the talent needed to build applications is cheaper and more available. Furthermore, hybrid applications can be distributed cross-platform at a fraction of the cost.

Find a web developer you can trust, who is proficient with mobile best practices such as caching UI elements and disassembly processing to mobile device hardware using CSS3. With only one quality web developer, anyone can build applications.

2) Quickly prototype your UI using jQuery Mobile

The jQuery Mobile team has done a lot of work to ensure that their user interface elements work on all mobile platforms. Buttons, panels, and even responsive grille are not just items that you can easily manage with jQuery Mobile, you can be sure they will work without having to test across a sea of almost endless mobile devices on the market today. One can easily find mobile app prototyping expert online.

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3) Get User Feedback using Services like uTest

You can always run very cheap uses by testing yourself by doing something as simple as giving $ 50 gift certificates to people you find on Craigslist, but if that sounds too long, take a look at services like uTest. They can give you instant feedback about your application experience, so you can make repeated changes early and often, to improve your application to ensure it satisfies your users.

4) Speed up Packaging using PhoneGap Build

Does downloading, installing, configuring, and becoming proficient with most of the default SDK applications sound fun to you? Not only is it tiring, but it will also take time. With PhoneGap Build, you can upload your HTML, CSS & JS applications as zip files, and have an elf behind the scenes in PhoneGap Build to package your application for you.

5) Distribute Worldwide

When you use web technology as your platform, and services like PhoneGap Build to package your applications quickly to multiple platforms simultaneously, the sky is the limit. Your audience is not limited in any way, and you can guarantee your application will reach as many viewers as possible, whether it's in native application stores like the Apple App Store, or Google Play, emerging web platforms like Firefox OS or Tizen, or tomorrow The powered interface HTML, like on a car dashboard, touch screen board at a train station, or a drive-through on the moon. If you build using HTML5, you are not limited by the future.