What Should Be Written On Your Modern Ketubah In Isreal?

One of the most important traditional customs in a Jewish wedding is the Ketubah or Jewish marriage contract. This agreement is a document that traditionally needs to be signed by the couple as part of their wedding in front of the rabbi and witnesses. 

Today, many non-traditional couples, perhaps not very religious, or interfaith couples, make their own modern ketubah as part of their marriage. Ketubah, or plural ketubot, are the written versions of the newlyweds' vows, promises, and responsibilities in a framed clever document that is hung on the wall of their home as a reminder of their love throughout their married life.

Modern ketubah can also be used as a marriage contract. You can easily check out the modern ketubah designs via https://ketubahome.com/collections/ketubah-prints. There are specific guidelines for traditional tubing, but here are some suggestions if you want to make your own modern tubing for your modern Jewish wedding:

1. First of all, you want to choose the right modern Ketubah design, artwork, and text that suits you and your partner. It would be great to get your rabbi's advice and approval because the rabbi has a lot of experience and will be a part of your marriage.

Another option is to hire an intermediary to help you close the deal. Ask a mediator to help you understand the other person's needs and wants.

2. The main reason for this agreement is traditionally to protect the future welfare of his wife and children. Ketubah wants to make sure that they are not taken for granted and that in the event of an unfortunate separation or divorce, they always have financial support from that man.

3. Since many couples are writing their vows today, it makes sense for some couples to want to write their own modern Ketubah text. Write this marriage contract from the bottom of your heart. Write down anything specific to you as a couple that you'd like to include.