Tips To Build Your Foundation Career In Wine Industry

Wine and spirits are ever constant in popularity – from weekend enthusiasts to well-versed connoisseurs, there is no shortage of interested people. But there are also those who want to take their wine appreciation to a new level and bring their passion for wine into their professional life.

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Here are some tips from us to help you build a solid foundation for a career in Wine Industry :

1. Take the course

Nothing shows your commitment to the industry like a WSET or degree in wine education  on your resume.

2. Dive!

Seek experience in various areas of business to gain a broad perspective and understanding. This usually requires a lot of travel on your part, which of course can be expensive – but the experience it provides is well worth it, if at all possible.

3. Try what makes you uncomfortable

Are you a wine lover obsessed with the aging process of the cask or the effect certain bacteria have on fermentation? That is cool! But plunge directly into the industry. Give retail and hospitality a try – this is a big part of what goes on with wine and will be a significant hole in your experience and understanding if you don't know how this part of the industry works.