Go Organic for the Environment

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We’ve taken a large bite into the forbidden fruit of Earth, and now it is coming back to bite us. Climate change is altering our planet as we speak, and we may have already triggered irreversible consequences. Freshwater supplies are going down, sea levels are rising, soil fertility is decreasing, and the world is becoming hotter. Scientists have been ringing alarm bells for ages now, and the effects that we already see around the world will worsen, and survival will become dire unless we change.

One contributor to climate change has been modern agriculture. Increased soil erosion, contamination of groundwater, excessive use of chemicals, and biomagnification, i.e., the increase in the concentration of toxic substances as organisms go through the food chain, are all the adverse effects of modern agriculture. We can change this by switching to organic foods.

Organic food typically has the following effects:

Reduced food exposure to chemicals and pesticides

Creating healthy soil and preventing contamination

Organic methods reduce soil erosion

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Conserving water 

Reducing algal blooms

Increasing biodiversity

Preserving natural habitats and wildlife and allowing for natural pest control

An organic store approved by the RSPCA will source fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, and dairy products locally and deliver it fresh to your door. Any animals reared for meat are free-range, grass-fed, and raised humanely in a stress-free environment without antibiotics or growth hormones.

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