You may not be Aware but these are some of the things your Printer is Capable of Doing

Brisbane commercial printer

Printing documents, images and texts are the most basic things a printer is capable of doing on a regular basis. Honestly though, a printer is capable of doing many other things apart from just printing. If you have a printer and not aware of what they are, these are some of the things you will learn.

  1. Download Apps – If you have the latest printer, then your printer is capable of downloading apps. This is a feature that isn’t present in older models but newer models are equipped with this feature. At present, there aren’t too many apps to choose and download. However, app developers are working hard to introduce new apps but have already introduced to download apps like daily crosswords, monthly calendars etc.
  2. Save on Ink – Go to the settings of your printer and select the draft mode. This is a mode that allows you to save on your ink cartridge from over-using.
  3. Make Magnets – Your printer can make promotional magnets allowing you to save money. You need to invest in magnet paper where the printer will be able to print those promotional magnets by choosing the correct settings.
  4. Back Up Files – Important files and documents can be easily saved on a dedicated SD card slot present on the side or back of the printer. This helps you to store and then print the information whenever required.

These are some of the things commercial printer in Brisbane is capable of offering.