How to Look for a Good Real Estate Agent?

You might plan to sell your house or buy a new home. Whatever it is, you might be looking for a great real estate agent.

Realtor, Real Estate Agent – is there a difference?

There are realtors and there are real estate agents. This is not an identical term. Real estate agents are licensed to "represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions in exchange for commissions." Real estate agents usually work for real estate brokers or realtors.

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Brokers are also licensed and can sell real estate as agents or brokers. There is a fully ethical real estate agent and Realtor. The main difference is that Brokers have made additional commitments to respect the 17-article code and the real estate business profession.

Finding a great real estate agent means you will ask questions, so let's start making a list of questions:

References: ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives for reference. Most people who have a positive experience working with agents will be happy to explain their experiences and why they feel their agents are extraordinary.

References from professionals: of course it's appropriate to ask for references to real estate agents. Representatives of financial institutions, especially mortgage brokers, tend to know extraordinary agents.