Wireless Dimmer Switch To Simplify Home Lighting Control

These days, the smart house is becoming more and more popular, and we appreciate the much advantage it brings us. Smart lighting is a really important component of the smart house, and a wireless dimmer switch is one of the smart lighting controls that simplify the controller.

Generally, the wireless dimmer switch was created based on RF control technologies, and the entire system is made up of remote and a receiver. The remote is designed with media buttons that perform various functions, for example, shifting and brightness adjustment. If you want to explore regarding wireless LED strip lights visit, https://thewavelights.com/products/5m.

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It sends out radio frequency that varies depending on different countries' and regions' requirements, 434MHz or 868MHz are the most frequent ones, but 2.4GHz can also exist in the industry. 

Accordingly, the recipient will receive the RF signal and convert it to and output a PWM signal to control the connected LED lights. It's wireless between the remote and the receiver. The wireless dimmer switch is very handy and easy to use with a controller distance up to 20 meters between the receiver and remote. 

You can control flexibly. The RF signal is stable with higher anti-interference if the frequency is 434MHz or 868MHz. If the frequency is 2.4GHz, it might be interfered with by a few other signs with the same frequency.