Financial Advisors: How to Find a Trustworthy Money Guide

It is not easy to find a reliable financial advisor. You can look for a financial analyst nearby but you have to consider the things listed below:-  

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Fee-only: Look for a "fee-only" advisor. This person does not sell investments, but only financial advice. If you see any language such as "advisory service through (name company)" or "securities offered by (name company)," run away. 

Heart of a teacher: Find someone with the heart of a teacher and not a salesman. You don't want to feel under pressure to sign a contract or follow a recommendation. Do not let anyone, even a financial professional, talk you out of your goals or limits. Only if he/she makes a compelling case that you understand and resonates with you values will you listen.

Free consultation: A professional financial advisor should provide a consultation. It allows the adviser to fully understand your financial situation and gives you an idea of how it will be to work with them.

Realistic expectations are important: There's no way to make it rich quickly, but trying to is a great way to become very poor. Your financial advisor should be realistic and give you the impression that they will be careful with your money. If you find the advice appealing to your greed, it is best to leave immediately.

Communication: The adviser should promise to keep in touch with clients at least via e-mails and newsletters. Expect a telephone call every other month and a comprehensive financial review once per year.