How To Be Safe With Self Defense Products

People planning in advance are ready to respond to a disaster or natural calamity. Unfortunately, many people do not do it, or because of the lack of funds or inappropriate planning. 

Therefore, you can expect looting crimes, violent crimes, and vandalism during such circumstances. That is why you should also buy self-defense products to protect yourself during a disaster. You can also get weapons of riot control from

Self-defense products

In addition to pepper spray, various other non-fatal products can be used for self-defense. Such a product is a pocket attacking gun; This device when pushed against the attacker's body sends an electric current in the body. 

Temporary paralysis of the attacker's nervous system takes place, which forces him to be immobile for a moment. There is no permanent damage because only a small implement is used while the high voltage crosses the clothes of the enemy. 

Although very effective, it is important that the attacker is at hand. An Assomme gun that looks like a mobile phone is a great product, especially for women. This unit contains a shocking power of more than 150,000 volts that discharges a powerful shock on the attacker. There is also an alarm system on the pistol. 

Importance of self-defense products

The world today is dangerous and violent. You must know the self-defense products that are launched on the market so that the last gadgets can be used easily in particular by vulnerable women. 

Outing in the dark, it's good to wear the tools in your bag, so you can approach the attackers when there is no one else to help you. The self-defense tools of the size of a pocket can be easily transported in your bag.